Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fred Phelps in Massachusetts?

From Jay Guillette's website Defend the Faith:

"A comment is only mean if it is both hurtful and untrue. However, if a thing looks like a duck, acts like a duck, sounds like a duck....the thing is probably a duck.

Maybe he didn't sign the petition because homosexual activists like you seem hell-bent on publishing mailing addresses and issuing veiled threats such as "Your public support of hatred has been noted."

I doubt very much JayG wants you or others like you to possess his home address so that you can terrorize him and his family.

Just out of curiosity John, are you a member of NAMBLA? And why should we believe you if you claim that you are not? A prominent feature of the homosexual "community" (you people really are generous to yourselves, community indeed) is man-boy sex.

Have you had sex with boys John? Is this really what drives your perversion? Has your "partner" ever had sex with boys? How many sexual "partners" have you had John? Studies have shown that the average homosexual male has some 200 sexual "partners" during his lifetime. Do you fit this profile John?

How about the physical trauma and various health problems associated with rectal sex John? Do you suffer from Kaposi's Sarcoma? AIDS? or any other STD's? Have you ever consumed fecal material while performing what is known in the homosexual "community" as a rim job?

Don't just ask questions John. Try answering some. I realize the questions seem ugly. But then, the "lifestyle" you have chosen is ugly. Not to mention Hellish and demonic."

Despite my repeated attempts to show grace and love towards the followers of this sect they seem Hell bent on demonizing any GLBT person no matter their true nature. The thought that there are loving productive worthwhile people who just happen to be GLBT is too much for them to handle.

As a side note Jay Guillette is a proud supporter of, a hate group listed with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was a group formed to help combat the Klu Klux Klan. My friends over at MassresistanceWatch have formed their own similar group that keeps an eye on their dishonesties while doing so with a little humor at Massresistance's expense.

My real question is whether or not we have our own Fred Phelps type group here in Massachusetts, and are people like Jay Guilette responsible for it? Read on for your self at the links provided and see what you think.

Paul Melanson is another person who supports hate as seen in his latest article:

Homosexuals in the Third Reich

For better understanding on how close this hits home let me make clear that Jay Guilette teaches Bible study on Wednesdays over at The Cathedral of St. Paul in Worcester, and Paul Melanson is a member of the New Hampshire Catholic diocese.


Paul Jamieson said...

just answer the questions Hosty

and the Southern Poverty Law Center is a joke and everyone knows they continually try to milk every penny they get by continuing to race bait and profit from it

You are the real HATER Hosty

You have no compassion or willingness to "see" the other side

Ryan Charisma said...

why should he?

would you expect him to see the KKK's side?


why thiers? and who needs to be so degraded as to answer such horrible, unnecessary, hatefilled, bigotted questions?

there's no reason.

Hosty-Grinnell is right.

John said...

"just answer the questions Hosty"

Are you serious?

Nobody will dignify those "questions" with a response.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Here's a comment from that same blog:

"I would urge you to visit La Salette Journey to read about the link between homosexuality and the Third Reich and its hate ideology."

Birds of a feather bigot together...

Raymond A. Grinnell, IV said...

An epistle to the writer of this vitriol:

Dear Sir (used solely as social convention),

Does your wife mourn the fact that she suffers the boredom of sex with a man completely fascinated with gay sex? Does she ever wonder why you scream Brad Pitt’s name in bed? Does she abhor engaging in filatio and tasting the fecal matter of which you are so consumed?

Is she tired of you stretching her garters? That must get very expensive. Or is she a heavy set woman, as you know fags are always surrounded by heavy women. Are you not woman enough to fill her panties?

How do you like it when people post questions to you solely for mischaracterization?

It is my strict opinion that you are a demented self-hating fetishist. You will burn in the hell of your creator, as you apparently have now idea what the New Testament is about, other than to rationalize your short sighted, dim witted world view.