Monday, August 07, 2006

Helping to Spread the Words of Reverend Phelps

I have been visiting our opponents websites to see what trouble they are getting into. When I got onto the Westborough Baptist church's website, I could not resist listening to Reverend Phelps in his latest sermon. If you want to talk about slippery slope I give you the dear Reverend. Exactly how far back are you willing to let our social progress go? Listen for yourself and see if you can relate to what the preacher says. Listen to the whole thing, then decide if you want to follow what he teaches. Remember the days when people who were the opposite sex could not live together unless they were married? Remember when you could buy a wife? By the way, touching a dead skin of a pig is an obomination to God, so no more football. Go ahead and click on the hyperlink, then leave a comment if you want.


John said...

I can't listen his sermons; I am hard of hearing and depend on captions or lip-reading. But I know enough of his work to know that he is a major hate-monger.

I also think he is harmless and barely worth our attention.

Yes, it is useful to bring attention to his extremism, and it is useful to debunk his idiocy but he does more damage to his own cause just by opening his mouth; he is insane.

Our real enemies are those who are not only sane, but carry serious weight in the Congress.

Phylis Schlaffly's Eagle Forum presents a coherent argument for the authoritarian cause, including what I consider the single most dangerous idea to come out of the conservative movement, court stripping.

This essay explains her point of view, and before you dismiss her as a nut, remember that George Bush agrees with her and there are bills pending even as we speak to strip the courts of their judicial review.

The worst thing is, I think she is right that Congress has the power. Of course I believe that using that power is ill-advised, but if these bills should pass, only the Supreme Court could review them, and to do so, they would have to exercise their constitutional power of original jurisdiction.
I don't believe that the court has used its original jurisdiction power in my lifetime.

Court stripping is the only serious challenge to the Warren Court's expansion of liberty. Court stripping is the only way that the conservatives can undo our social progress and return us to the "way we never were".

John Hosty said...

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