Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Subtle Root to Hate

Volumes have been written by minds far greater that mine on the roots of hate. I won't pretend to understand the myriad causes, but I have in my own experience, been taught a damaging philosophy that is, in my view a subtle root of hate. That philosophy is condencension.

I am old enough, just barely, to remember the Good Friday prayer as it stood just prior to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. I remember saying these words.

"Let us pray also for the perfidious Jews: that our God and Lord would remove the veil from their hearts: that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ...Almighty and everlasting God, Who drivest not away from Thy mercy even the perfidious Jews: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people: that acknowledging the light of Thy truth, which is Christ, they may be rescued from their darkness. Through the same Lord...Amen."

The prayer was changed in 1965 to scratch the word "perfidous" and replace it with "faithless", an improvement to be sure, but just barely.

When I was in the Parochial school, it was the custom at the time that our day would last a half an hour longer than that of the public school. I remember sitting in the sweltering summer heat for that extra half hour, which felt like eternity, because I could hear the public school kids playing outside. I foolishly mumbled something to effect of "lucky duckies". Which earned me a trip to the principal's office. I will never forget her words.

She said,
"Don't you ever, ever, (and one more time for emphasis) EVER, envy those poor unfortunate souls."

She clarified that these souls were unfortunate, not because they were public school kids, but because they were largely Protestant.

If you disagree with my position on any matter, tell me that I am wrong and present your case. I will listen.

But don't tell me that I am not as good as you or that you will "pray for me to see the light".

Because condencension is just one small step from hate.


John Hosty said...

I challenge what you said on KTN John, this is one of your better posts! I think we are starting to see as an entire people the "root" of the problem.

John said...

The things one learns while looking up other things.

My latest interest is the religious views of the Founders, the roots of separation of church and state and the legal battles that have led to our current state of law.

For that there is no better scholar than the incomparable Jonathan Rowe.

Jon Rowe occaisionaly writes on the subject of Gay Rights and his blog has attracted the attention of really great writer who calls himself The Gay Species.

He recently wrote a truly remarkable post on Empathy.

(He also has attracted a nasty troll)

I am quickly becoming more human from reading this stuff, as well as from you and Lula,

I have always been Mr. Spock but now I'm seeing the world a whole new way