Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let the People Vote

Conservatives are united in their disdain for "judicial activism". Nothing, it seems, bothers them more than when a court overrules the "will of the people". After all, when the people speak, either directly, or through their duly elected legislature, why should their plainly stated decisions be overturned by unelected judges?

Alberto Gonzales is the Attorney General of the United States, and he represents (arguably) the most conservative Justice Department in decades, and he respects the will of the people and disdains unelected judges overruling the will of the people.

With all due respect, I have a few questions for you, Mr. Gonzales.

When the people of Oregon voted (twice) to allow physician assisted suicide, why did you go to court and ask unelected judges to overturn the will of the people? (Gonzales v. Oregon)

When the people of California voted to allow the state regulated use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, why did you go to court and ask unelected judges to overturn the will of the people? (Gonzales v. Raich)

Just asking.


John Hosty said...

Just seeing "Let the People Vote" in writing makes me want to spit on the sidewalk, but I have to respect what you have to say John. You do a good job of making your point concise and articulate. I believe the true will of the citizens of Massachusetts will be to "Let Equality Stand". I think that the election will be a precursor of things to come.

John said...

I should not have used that title.

My point, of course, was that conservatives are no fans of democracy if they don't like the results.

I don't blame the federal government for trying to ovrrule the will of the people, I just want them to admit that they don't care about the will of the people.

John said...


You say:

"I think that the election will be a precursor of things to come."

I would like your thoughts on this, because I see this election just prior to the ConCon as a negative.

The legislature that will vote will not be a new legislature. The new legislature will not be seated when the ConCon reconvenes.

This means there could be a fair number of lame ducks voting.

Is that a good thing?

John Hosty said...

I think that the true voice of the people is being seen in the run for governor. I know this does not change the people voting in November, but you can already see for the first time major competitors for the head office in our state unafraid to stand up and declare their support for gay equality. I personally met Chris Gabrielli when we were holding the KTN "Thank you" sign on May 17, and it is my opinion that the more leadership we have like him, the more we are going to have change in the attitudes of the lower ranking politicians.

I know it doesn't cross our minds often that people can change their vote, especially when having to deal with people like "Patriot" on KTN, but it happens and IS happening. We must keep up our message and be vigilant to dismiss untruths our opponents try to spread to the large populace of undecided unvested "middle" man. It is in them I place my faith, and I think their desire for change is what I smell in the air. Any smart politician knows to stay in front of the pack you have to be able to predict the will of the people. It looks like some have done that and are having a positive effect. That is merely my speculation.

John said...

I certainly hope your reading of the political temperature is correct.

I think it is a delicious irony that our opponents tried to overrule Goodridge in federal court claiming the desicion was unrepublican, and then resort to direct democracy, which is just as much if not even more unrepublican.