Thursday, August 31, 2006

Conservative Judaism Will Lift Gay Ban

As reported in the the Jewish Daily Forward,

"The ordination of gay rabbis and the sanctioning of same-sex marriage within
Conservative Judaism is near certain, according to movement leaders who spoke at
a meeting in New York on Thursday night."

I can see two reasons beyond the obvious why this is good news. First, many Christians base the opinion on the morality of homosexuality from the Hebrew Scriptures, especially the sin of the residents of Sodom. The sin of Sodam has nothing to do with homosexuality, and this is belated recognition of this fact. (Ancient Rabbis have always know this). This might open some eyes.

Second, most of our opponents are not haters; they are sheep. They will go where the shepherd leads them.

With this change in policy, 2/3rds of Jewish congregations now accept full equality for gays, making Judaism the first great faith whose majority of congregations except full citizenshp for gay people.

Mazel Tov !


John Hosty said...

Great reporting John. I do agree that most people are caught in the hysteria and are not actually haters. I wonder how the Christian right is going to react to this news. Maybe we should ask Tyler?

John said...

The Christian right, the Jewish right, and Tyler too, will see this as creeping moral relativism. A vast left-wing conspiracy.

Another very important piece of news. (From a legal perspetive FAR more important than the Conservative Jewish decision) is this story from California.

I'll kill two birds with one stone and link to the RR's (Religious Right) response.

This is what I have been saying all along. We cannot expect to win in court (outliers notwithstanding) unless and until the law in on our side.

This puts the law on our side.

Notice the RR claims that "Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that gives homosexuals new and far-reaching powers."

I have to admit I am a little concerned if homosexuals get far reaching powers. I mean really, are you going to get X-ray vision?

Sary stuff, there.

John said...

I tried to edit this post because I forgot to link to the story. Blogger ate it.

I'll repost it later today.

Ferma LeBush said...

John, this is very surprising coming from *any* conservative camp. I hope that midrash continues and that people are not afraid to look deeply into the Hebrew and Christian bibles for the truth.

"I have to admit I am a little concerned if homosexuals get far reaching powers. I mean really, are you going to get X-ray vision?"

I for one am sick and tired of leaping tall buildings at a single bound while nobody's looking. It's about time we GLBT SuperHeroes are recognized and celebrated for who we are - not necessarily what we do!

Have a great weekend, folks!



John said...

So you already had these powers and nobody ever told me?

I'd hate to think you can see under my clothes.

John said...

According to the Jews I know this news will cut both ways.

I have known a fair number of Jews who were raised Reform, but were unsatisfied with the lack of Tradition so have switched to Conservative.

Likewise I have know others raised as Orthodox who have switched to Conservative because the Orthodox tradition is too legalistic.

I wonder whether the Conservative traditon will gain or lose adherents.