Friday, May 15, 2009

What is Going On in NH ?

"Concord – Gov. John Lynch will veto the same-sex marriage bill if it does not change before reaching his desk, he said Thursday.His main concern, he said, is that the bill, HB 436, and a companion bill would not provide enough legal protection for religious groups and institutions.He provided legislative leaders with suggested wording that would satisfy him, and he has left it to the House and the Senate to move next.His demand would expand wording in the companion bill, HB 310, to make clear that churches and religious groups not only would not have to officiate at a gay marriage but also would not have to provide services, facilities or goods of any kind to participants. It also would exempt from lawsuits anyone "managed, directed or supervised by or in conjuncttion with a religious organization, association or society" or nonprofits affiliated with those groups."

Basically what John Lynch wants is that these organizations get an exemption from the Civil Rights Act.

Mike Ball has much more analysis here.

While I hope the Legislaure does something to make the governor happy, this is not right.

Should these ammendments pass, NH is in serious violation of Civil Rights and Public Accomodation law.

I see Mike has update.

You should read his analysis,


John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I don't mind religious groups being given a pass on discrimination because that's what they do (they discriminate), but the line has to stop there and not extend to anyone else interested in denying their neighbor's rights to equality. Where this exception to the rule to extend past religion it would negate laws meant to protect people from this very sort of thing.

John said...


Let them have their law. Eventually they'll go too far and find themselves in court.