Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8

In a 6-1 vote members of the California Supreme Court ruled to dismiss the claims against Prop. 8 and uphold the ban on same sex marriage with one curious twist, the 18,000 marriages already performed will remain valid. How this court can rule to have two different classes of GLBT people, the haves and the have nots, will pose an interesting question for explanation. Meanwile there are protest marches scheduled all over the country including Boston, which is meeting at Copley square tonight at 7:00PM. This outcome is unfortunate but is merely another step in our eventual equality, nothing more.


John said...

My God, this is wierd; where has common sense gone ?

jelly said...

that just makes no sense to me.
i'm more confused now than ever!!

jelly said...

i read this outloud to my wife and she doesn't get it either. it is not fair, to everyone else in the GLBT community who was preparing to marry and didn't in time.

what the hell??!!