Friday, October 20, 2006

John Walsh on Kerry Healey's recent negative ad

Listen closely to the end where Mr. Walsh talks about republicans jumping ship in disgust. Hear the gasps in the crowd as he describes the new hate ad Healey released. No one that resorts to these tactics should be rewarded for them, and they certainly don't deserve to lead our state! The worst part of all this is the growing evidence that Ben Laguer is innocent. She is trying this man in the court of public opinion before we get to hear the new evidence. If this man is innocent her ads will serve to make his cry for justice less well heard. She doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself, and using this man's case is just another example in a long, long list of reasons not to vote for her.


John Hosty said...

If this man turns out to be innocent, how will you repay him for using him as your polical pawn, Mrs. Healey? You have no shame!

Anonymous said...

I would sue Healey's ass off if I were him.

John said...

"You have no shame"

By definition Psychopaths have no conscience.