Monday, October 16, 2006

Protest of Liberty Sunday Huge Success!

Liberty Sunday - Anti-Gay Rally in Boston

Hundreds of protestors gathered peacefully outside Tremont Temple Baptist Church last night in response to Liberty Sunday. While James Dobson and his evil cohorts from around the country all tried there best to scare America and incite the crowd outside, we held a candlelight vigil, and we sang, and introduced ourselves to one another. Some familiar faces I saw included: Tom Lang, Director of; his husband Alexander Westerhoff; KTN treasurer Greg Kimball; Co-director and webmaster of KTN Aaron Toleos with baby in arms; Cherie Johnson, a founding blogger of KTN and her wife Niki; Chris Mason, webmaster of TakeMassAction; and of course myself with my partner of 12 years Raymond. Special thanks to our friends Matt Mitchell and David Joly for coming out to support their gay friends.

The atmosphere was electric with positive energy, and you could tell that everyone that came down to support our cause walked away feeling something very good and very special about this event. I believe that God does work in mysterious ways, and one of those ways He likes to work best is when He can take the power of hate and turn in into something beautiful and positive. One clear image I walk away from this vigil with is that we may not be able to make everyone understand how important our individual paths are to us, but we can show them they don't have to fear us, and more importantly we can show each other we are no longer afraid of them. Get out there and shake some hands, now more than ever our efforts are paying off, and the time is now for us to capitalize. Make a new friend, write your local paper, pick up the phone to an old friend, and write on the blog, just be active in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Thank you for all the emails and support, I appreciate the kind thoughts.


RedStateExile said...

That's great to hear, John!

We have our own Dobson rally going on here tonight at Two Rivers Baptist Church (the same church that held the Justice Sunday events). Lucky us!

There will be an opposition protest outside the church. It will be a silent protest, not yelling and screaming like they do.

I find it interesting that the Liberty thing only drew 1,000 people.

The event here tonight had to change venues. It was going to be at our convention center and tickets were being sold but they changed that just in the last couple of weeks. Now it's free to the public.

Just makes me wonder how sucky the response was to it that they had to move it to a church for free.

John said...

My take on the small crowd is that despite all the moise by the Rightards, SSM is pretty musch a non-issue for the vast majority of people in Massachusetts. I personally don't know anyone who is opposed. Most people I know don't even give the matter a moment's thought.

John Hosty said...

I wonder if the Tyler and the "rabid right" was there. Their few numbers only confirms what I have said so many other times, their numbers are truly smaller than they want anyone to know.

John said...

True, John, but as other on other blogs have pointed out, this was a national telecast. I would be interested to know how these events shake out in other states.

John Hosty said...

One thing we did NOT do is give them a sideshow to video and scare the public with. People holding candles and singing hymns of hope is hardly the publicity they were looking for.