Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hate Kills Kids, But do we Care?

The artist that puts this together is in it, has been there, and you can talk to him if you want help, or have no one else to talk to. I also was there once, and I pray that if you are in this type of pain that you don't try to destroy yourself. You are an equal and worthy person, and as bad as things may seem if you hang in there things will get better.

Suicide is the third largest killer of children in America, and gay kids are three times more likely to die because of their fears of living in such a hostile society. We have to see the value of changing this, for their sake. My email is and I answer every single email personally, because I care.

Posted By:Silver Pheonix

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Mikey said...

Hey John,

I'm honored you posted that in your blog, which i took a look at. I work as a LGBT youth community educator here in NY, and you really can't look past the topics the video i made focuses on. It's really refreshing to know others are out there fighting the good fight as well. Thanks a lot : )


Jerry Maneker said...

This is a powerful video and I'm so glad you posted it, John. Whenever anyone hears professing Christians rant aganst LGBT people, let them and us always remember with whom they are allying themselves.

Ken Weaver said...


I sat in silence just wondering why and how our society can treat others so poorly.

I find myself humbled at all of the courage it must have taken just to be different.

John Hosty said...

Thank you Ken, it take a lot of courage to be an individual today, whther you are a punk rocker, a sefl-proclaimed nerd, or an open homoseuxal. People have so many ways in which they try to elevate themselves at the cost of their fellow man, and that's what it really is, and that is why it needs to stop.

An interesting tid bit of info; Mike, the first commentor, he is the artist that designed the short movie, and I am so proud to see he found his work here and has come to compliment us on our efforts.