Friday, October 13, 2006

Article 8 Alliance Turns Feral, Attacks Own

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Yes: Gov. Mitt Romney started same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts

Same-sex "marriage" is still NOT legal in Massachusetts, and was NOT created by the Supreme Judicial Court's Goodridge ruling.

In fact, it was Governor Mitt Romney who was ultimately responsible for same-sex "marriages" taking place. The Supreme Judicial Court only issued an opinion and advised the Legislature to act (which it never did). Even the Court acknowledged that it had no power to change the law.

Governor Romney created these "marriages" through an unconstitutional and illegal directive to his Department of Public Health (to print new "marriage" licenses), and through his legal counsel threatened to fire any Town Clerk or Justice of the Peace who failed to implement the (non-existent) "new law". He was not required by any constitutional mandate to do these things. On the contrary, his actions clearly violated his oath to uphold the laws of Massachusetts.

Governor Romney has it within his powers to rectify these serious unconstitutional acts which have done so much harm to our state and country. He can reverse these fraudulent policies before the end of his term. And he can issue an Executive Order correcting the misinterpation of the law and rightfully declaring these unlawful “marriages” null and void.

(Moreover, the Massachusetts Constitution does not need to be amended. The proposed Constitutional Amendment would make things much worse. It would effectively legitimize the current illegitimate same-sex “marrriages” by assuming that the Goodridge decision had changed the law, and by its wording only bans future same-sex “marriages”.)~End Article

Commentary: We have been told by these same people, like Tyler Dawbin, who is a self-proclaimed member of Article 8 Alliance, for over a year that they do not want to see our gay marriages dissolved, they just want to put our right to marry to a vote. They say the vote will not change the status of our marriages that have already been given, but as you can read, they don't really intend to leave it at that. We should thank these people for this article as it can be used later if Romney decides in his hubris that he is going to be the next king of America.


John said...

Romney's behavior illustrates an extremely important point about our system.

The system only works so long as each branch of our government respects the other.

There is no way to codify it.

For example the Soviet Union's Constitution was better that ours in that it was more comprehensive in its guarantees of rights and freedoms. But it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

If Romney did what Article 8 suggests he may be within his power. After all, he commands the National Guard.(Andrew Jackson famously ignored the Supreme Court and stated "Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it").

But if Romney did what Article 8 suggests he would be showing extreme contempt for the law, and Romney, for all his faults as a politician, is smart enough to know that to ignore the opinion of the State's highest court would cause irreparable damage to the legitmacy of the government.

RedStateExile said...

It's much like a lie. You can only tell so many before you get caught in them. These folks tell so many tales on themselves and their "goals" that they end up contradicting themselves. Basically, they lie. They tell it any which way is necessary in order to make someone else the evildoer.

It's quite sad but also quite telling. Fortunately, I think some people are starting to wake up to their shenanigans.

John Hosty said...

The lies are piling up like you said Callie, but the real question is are there people listening? The Parable of the Good Samaritan speaks of how a man was robbed and left on the road to die, and how people past him by thinking to themselves, "If I stop to help him, what will happen to me?". It was not until the good samaritan came along and reversed the thinking, saying to himself, "If I do NOT stop to help this man, what will happen to HIM?"

Sadly we are suffering the repercussions of how the "ME" generation deals with its neighbors. Not only do we have to bring light to our cause in order to get equality, we must find a cure for social apathy. I think that cure lies in our ability to unite and continue to reach out to our fellow citizens. The only thing that can cure hatred is to kill its roots. The root of hatred is fear, and the cure is unconditional love.

May God continue to empower us and lead us to this most noble goal, not just for ourselves or our prosperities, but also for the very people who oppress us, so that their lives may be more comfortable, and they in turn will raise their children to spread love instead of hate.

John said...

You want real evidence of the lies?

Read this: