Monday, October 09, 2006

Lying to Confuse Voters

Putting a "D" for democrat next to Rep. Foley's name is no coincidence, it is a bold faced lie in order to try to confuse voters. It seems the republicans will stop at nothing to win their seats and maintain control over Congress. How can they look themselves in the mirror and call themselves the moral majority? It is our responsability as voters to remember these lies and vote accordingly. There is a saying that we generally get the government we deserve. Let's hope we come to our senses. Fox News, the National Enquirer of television.

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Jerry Maneker said...

John: An excellent post! "There is a saying that we generally get the government we deserve."

The tragic fact is that we do have the government we deserve. When relatively few people vote; when the mainstream media are mere transcribers of the Administration's rhetoric, regardless of logic and evidence to the contrary; when such a treasonous scandal as the Valerie Plame affair, the outing of a covert CIA operative is virtually whitewashed and, now, ignored; when the Jeff Gannon affair is now ignored, where this male prostitute with virtually no legitimate news credentials had regular access to the White House Briefing Room and merely lobbed questions favorable to the Administration, enjoyed access that many legitimate reporters are refused; when the last election may well have been stolen, due in part to the electronic voting machines made by Diebold, an alleged friend of Bush, and now relatively few people seem concerned about vote counting in the upcoming election; when Fox News can say, "We report, you decide," and no one sees the bizarre nature of that statement: whether we decide as to whether or not they are reporting the truth?; the unprovoked war we initiated in Iraq; Osama bin Laden still free, and so many other obscenities are allowed to be either ignored or whitewashed by the mainstream media and most of the American electorate, we have, tragically, the government we deserve.