Monday, October 09, 2006

"Liberty" Sunday, October 15

From the President of the Family Research Council:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

"So begins the Bill of Rights with the first amendment to our Constitution--one that guarantees a God-given freedom. For over 200 years the light of the church has illuminated this freedom, but now a radical agenda seeks to extinguish that flame.

The expansion of non-discrimination laws to include homosexuality inevitably constricts our right to express and act on our religious beliefs. Recently, there has been a string of incidents involving government intolerance against those who live out their faith in the public square.

To respond to this growing threat, I'm pleased to announce that on October 15, 2006, FRC will host a nationwide simulcast from Boston, Massachusetts called "Liberty Sunday: Defending Our First Freedom." I invite you to join us as we examine the cultural and legal influences that threaten to erode religious liberties and muzzle free speech."

Tony Perkins

Liberty Sunday Video

These people are coming here, to our own back yard, to use our freedom to marry who we choose as a scare tactic against the rest of the country. I believe this calls for action, but if we are to assemble we should be carefull not to give them the free-for-all we saw last year at the "Love Won Out" conference. I urge everyone who is gay, has gay friends or family, or simply wants to put an end to the insanity of religious control in our government to come to the Liberty Sunday conference on October 15th, and position yourself in silent vigil. Peaceful protest cannot be turned against us and used to create fear.

"The expansion of non-discrimination laws to include homosexuality inevitably constricts our right to express and act on our religious beliefs." There is no truth to this statement, but our opposition knows well that they do not need truth when fear is much more powerfull a tool. In no way does the marriage of two people of the same sex interfere with someone else's religion, unless that religion calls for them to force their beliefs on others. This is exactly what is taking place. The fact that Tony Perkins would try to take the freedom of religion quote from our Bill of Rights, the very article that protects us from religious tyranny, and try to use it as a reasoning to force Christianity upon the unwilling shows just how powerful fear can be. The greater the fear the more the heart will rule over the mind, and logic is lost.

As I have said many times before our lives are being destroyed by those using gay marriage as a divisive tool. They do this to promote fear, and to gain political favor just like race was used to divide our country in the 1950's and 1960's. Their promotional video itself incrimniates them by stating that this conference is being done just prior to voting across America. I think they chose Boston because they want to film a riot, and they want a fresh new dose of fear for the rest of America to feel just before going into the voting booths. Let's not give it to them. Let's beat them at their own game by being unified, peaceful, and visible.


John said...

"...and try to use it as a reasoning to force Christianity upon the unwilling"

Except that it is not real Christianity that the FRC is trying to force on others. It is Victorian mores that make them tick.

John Hosty said...

That is a point worth noting. True Christians want nothing to do with this bunch.

John said...

As tje Stuffed ANimal just said on Jerry's blog, Jesus himself has a cool sound bite.

"And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a testimony against them"(Mark 6:11).

John Hosty said...

I love reading his things, he is incredible. Have you read the latest on Callie's site? If not, check it out.

John said...

Yeah, Callie really nailed the essence of the theological discussion between Jerry and Stuffed. Frankly, Jerry and Stuffed talk over my head much of the time, but when Callie joined the conversation I couldn't help but be amazed by deep thinking that was going on there. I could smell the brain cells burning

RedStateExile said...

And I have yet to recover, John! ;)

John Hosty said...

I got a nosebleed, and I only looked at it briefly! lol

RedStateExile said...

Well, it's discussions like that which make me want to drop my day job and simply be a scholar.

I love to think and think hard, to challenge my beliefs, and to challenge others.

Oh, if only I'd have chosen a different path when I was younger! Now with a wife and potential children, it's impossible to change.

Alas, thank God for blogs! :)

John Hosty said...

We can find both of you employment and housing if you ever wanted to defect... :)

It really does feel like that doesn't it? Communism I mean? Aren't we being told we have to do what is best for the community rather than what we wish to do as free people? What the hell happened to this country?!

RedStateExile said...

Don't tempt me! ;)

John Hosty said...

I think I would have to check the new immigration laws. Being gay we are not entitled to full rights of our government.

John said...

Tempt away; Callie would be a credit to our state.

RedStateExile said...

Awww, shucks! It's been a long time since a man made me blush. ;)

John Hosty said...

That was a good laugh! ouch! lol!