Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Christian Values?

From the American Family Association comes this bizarre interpretation of Christian Values.

Out in California, the State Legislature ins debating a bill that would outlaw the spanking of children with anything other than a hand.

California lawmakers have moved forward on a bill that imposes severe limitations on the methods used to spank one's child. AB 2943 has passed out of the state Assembly's Public Safety Committee and it now heads to the Appropriations Committee.

The legislation is a resurrected version of Democrat Sally Lieber's bill from last year, minus the outright spanking ban. The bill prohibits using "implements" such as wooden spoons, paddles, rolled-up newspapers, switches, belts, or brushes -- essentially, allowing only the hand.

OK, there is plenty of room to argue the merits and demerits of corporal punishment of children For the record, I am opposed to all corporate punishment, but I am full aware that I am in the minority here.


Sarah Berke, a mother of five children, spoke to Public Safety Committee members during their hearing on the matter this week. She feels the bill does not take into consideration the values of Christian and other more traditional families -- who believe spanking with an implement helps teach and build good character.

No way.

You can not convince me that it is a Christian value to use an implement to teach and build character.



Fannie said...

It sorta makes sense. I think some people do need "implements" to make sure children learn what are oftentimes hypocritical, unloving values.


Ryan Charisma said...

I, for one, think the law is set up to make anyone who lives in the county that this law takes place completely miserable and over-run by badly behaved children.

I say spanking is too lenient.

John said...

I don't support California's attempt.

While I have never struck either of my children, and don't like corporal punishment, I don't believe the problem of child abuse will or can be solved by another law.

My only point was that I find it foolish to think that the need for a weapon with which to strike your child is in any way a Christian value.

Jane Know said...

My dad used corporal punishment, and the only things it ever taught me was to a.) run and hide from him when he was mad, b.) put hard books in the butt of my pants, and c.) be scared of him, even when he wasn't mad.

John said...

Corporal punishment is one of those subjects where I guess I am unqualified to speak to.

I have never been hit, and I have never hit.

But then, I have found child rearing so easy (I have never had to discipline my kids in any way) that I just can't relate to those parents who are frustrated all the time.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

People shouldn't use violence; it is wrong no matter the circumstances unless you are defending yourself.