Saturday, April 19, 2008

Iowa Officials: Sky Has Not Fallen in Massachusetts Over Gay Marriage

From KPTM FOX 42:

The Polk County attorney's office says the brief is based on news accounts after a decision in a Massachusetts gay marriage case. The attorney's office says it's less of a legal brief and more hearsay and anecdotal remarks.

Camilla Taylor is Lambda Legal's lead attorney on the Iowa case.

She says the brief is relevant because it shows that gay couples have been marrying in Massachusetts for four years and "the sky hasn't fallen."

The opponents of marriage equality and GLBT equality in general have the responsibility to prove what they accuse. The fourth anniversary of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts is coming up in May, yet in all that time the opposition has not been able to find one single point they can prove where equality has been a detriment. It's time we make discrimination of all forms history.


Paul Jamieson said...

in your opinion Hosty

And since when does anyone have to "prove" anything.

Your arguments are foolish

John said...

"And since when does anyone have to "prove" anything."

Proof is required to prohibit, as Liberty is always the default position under our constitutions.

Most laymen get this wrong, but our Judiciary understands it quite well.

Our constitutions are NOT grants of liberty secured by power, but ather, in the words of James Madison, "a charter of power granted by liberty".

The difference is precisely what separated the US from Europe during the founding era.

The default is Liberty, and any usurpation of Liberty demands proof, proof of a compelling state interest.

You have no such proof.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Apparently it is not just me that has that opinion Paul, this is coming from Iowa.

Our society is based on a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That requires someone who accuses someone ele of something to prove their accusations true. For example; if I told you that my neighbor was a drug user you would not immediately go straight to believing what I said, you would ask why I say that.

The opposition to GLBT equality can't seem to find any proof to what they claim and that is why their suppport is eroding so quickly. If they could prove anything they claim that erosion would be reversed, but it has not for the reasons I've stated.

I don't mind you saying you think my arguments are foolish but do you think you could elaborate on that a little? It's kind of hard to create a discussion without some points to contest. Try saying why you think they are foolish and we can talk more about it.

Have a great Sunday Paul, we'll talk soon.

Fannie said...

I suppose proof doesn't matter to those who are content with stating mere conclusions with no supporting argument.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

It seems to me there are a lot of people who have preconceived notions on abraod spectrum of issues that are simply incorrect. The longer those notions are allowed to go unchallanged by the mind, the more credit one seems to give them.

The fear of change seems to be one of the most painful fears of all.

Paul Jamieson said...

"Our society is based on a presumption of innocence until proven guilty"

There is no presumption of innocence and no one is saying anyone is guilty

Where do you come up with all this?

No one is accusing anyone of anything

What matters here is common sense and it gets thrown out the window

Your side has done a good job to couch evertything in legalese and make everything a trial so you can win

Most people know its BS but don't have the time to fight it, or are intimidated into supporting it.

You're "tide is turning" and "acceptance" language is nothing more than people tired of whining and tired of being slandered and tired of you in general capitulating to allow you to have special rights

You wear on people enough and you will get your way. It is a nasty tactic, but on that has proven effective

Just keep grinding them down relentless, grinding and lawsuits and protests and lies.