Sunday, April 20, 2008

Over $6,000 Raised for Barry Scott Legal Defense

50 people turned out for a reception on Thursday, April 17th in Boston’s South End, to benefit legal representation for Lost 45’s DJ Barry Scott as he fights criminal charges stemming from a wrongful arrest in Provincetown last July. Scott and his partner Bryan Richardson were the victims of excessive force by undertrained Provincetown summer cops who were breaking up a backyard birthday party at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Though Barry turned the music off when told to, he was beaten up by college-age cadets twice his size and strength. Richardson was detained without charges when he questioned his partner’s arrest. Barry will soon stand trial in Orleans District Court on frivolous charges of disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

The Anti-Violence Project’s Provincetown Fund netted $6000 to help defray the expenses of Barry’s legal defense. Over $10,000 has been raised for that purpose since last year. Meanwhile Barry’s legal bills have already exceeded $30,000.

Speaking at the reception were Anti-Violence Project Chair Don Gorton, Barry’s criminal defense attorney Will Korman, and Senator Dianne Wilkerson, who represents the South End. The Senator said she got involved because so many of her constituents spend time in Provincetown. She said Provincetown Police beat up the “wrong person”—the right person to fight injustice—and praised Barry’s courage in standing up for others who are similarly situated. Gorton promised vigorous legal representation and expressed confidence in the strength of Barry’s case. Korman spoke of Barry’s determination to be vindicated and his refusal of any deal to plead guilty to a noise violation. Also in attendance was attorney Marc LaCasse, who is representing street musicians in Provincetown who were targeted under the town’s unconstitutional noise ordinance last summer.

The reception was held at the South End Townhouse of Dr. Stephen Ralston. The Host Committee included Barry and his partner Bryan, Senator Wilkerson, her aide Wesley Ritchie, Gorton, Harry Collings, Gary Daffin of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus and the Multi-Cultural AIDS Coalition, Stewart Clifford, David Goldman, Joe Realmuto, and Paul Korenberg. The AVP Provincetown Fund is still accepting earmarked donations at

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