Monday, April 21, 2008

He is True to the Founder of the Faith

I have been following with interest the Pope's visit to the United States. I remember well his words at his coronation:

"Dear brothers and sisters, after our great pope, John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me, a simple, humble worker in God's vineyard."
And yesterday at Yankee Stadium he re-iterated his connection with the founders of the Faith:

The presence around this altar of the Successor of Peter, his brother bishops and priests, and deacons, men and women religious, and lay faithful from throughout the fifty states of the Union, eloquently manifests our communion in the Catholic faith which comes to us from the Apostles.
And yet, inspiring rhetoric notwithstanding, his demeanor and carriage looked very different to me.

Yes, the Pope indeed is faithful to the founder of his faith, but the founder was not the gentle rabbi who preached tolerance and love; nor the early leaders; neither Peter, nor John nor James.

But rather I saw the heir to Constantine.

I saw a man speak the flowery language of humility and poverty, while showing an audacious and ostentatious display of wealth and power lust.

I saw the Emperor of Rome.


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