Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Slippery Slope

The American Family Association has their panties in a bunch again.

It seems that:

A conservative military watchdog says the Pentagon has set a disturbing precedent in allowing a homosexual member of Congress to take her "domestic partner" with her on a congressional fact-finding trip to Europe.

But straight couples enjoy this privilege routinely:

Under House guidelines, members of Congress may take their spouses with them on military flights if there is room for them and when it is necessary for protocol purposes.


But while military officials were apparently unwilling to consider Azar a spouse within the meaning of the House guidelines, Pelosi was able to convince [Defense Secretary] Gates to make an exception.
So Nancy Pelosi went to bat for a colleague and constituent; Is that not what Representatives do?

Of what exactly are these people afraid?

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness calls this situation "a slippery slope." "This sets a disturbing precedent because it tends to suggest that marriage doesn't matter, [and that] marriage of people of same-sex or any such association should be treated as the equivalent of marriage," she contends.
No, Elaine, it does not suggest that "marriage doesn't matter".

It suggests that gay and lesbian people deserve to have their most cherished relationships treated with equal dignity.

I ask again. Of what are you so afraid?

Oh, and if you are so fond of the sanctity of the marriage vow, why do you not object to the numerous members of Congress bringing along spouses with whom they have committed adultery?

Just asking.


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