Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As Maine Goes

Today is a very big day in the battle for equality.

Today, at 9:00 AM, EDT, the Maine Legislature is holding hearings on LD1020, "The Marriage Bill"

As Equalilty Maine puts it:

Maine’s marriage campaign is moving to the next level. The hearing on the marriage bill has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 at the Augusta Civic Center. Make no mistake about it: April 22 will be the single most important day of this campaign outside of the final vote. The media, legislators, governor, and people of Maine will be watching.

I believe the biggest battle for equality is in the churches, so I am thrilled to report that the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Maine, will testify FOR equality.

If we, as Mainers, believe that faithful, lifelong monogamous relationships are among the building blocks of a healthy and stable society, then it is in our interest to extend the rights and obligations of civil marriage to all Maine citizens. To deny those rights to certain persons on the basis of sexual orientation is to create two classes of citizens and to deny one group what we believe is best for them and for society."

The Rt. Rev. Stephen T Lane, Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Maine

Momentum is on our side.


jelly said...

That's great!!

Keep us posted on what happens next.

John said...

Doubtless John Hosty-Grinnell, who is in Augusta right now, will give us the details.

jelly said...

Really...on a mini vacation perhaps?

Lucky man.

John said...

He's out there lobbying the legislature, testfying and covering the story.

JHG never rests.

As an activist, puts Martin Luther to King to shame

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Thanks! I just got back about an hour ago and one of the first things a did was go to my email to see what I've!

I have much to share but I will have to postpone the full report until Friday so I can have it all downloaded and YouTubed and such. I may have it ready as early as Thursday night.

I will say this; Mainers and not being fooled by anybody. David Parker was up there too, and he was handed his hat and shown the door metaphorically speaking. They didn't buy one bit of his deceptions and he was called out by one of the locals who actually read the book he tries to use as a fear tool. More later... I haven't slept in two days... ;)

John said...

As a Mainiac, I can vouch for their independant spirit. It is easier to smuggle dawn past a rooster that to put one over a Mainiac.

The flip side is that they are stubborn as mules.

Annie said...

So what happened???

John said...

John Hosty-Grinnell will be posting his report tomorrow.

Annie said...

Sweet! I'm fond of Maniacs by the way. My best friend grew up in a small town called Vassalboro. My first trip to the beautiful state was this past december. I went up to Sugarloaf to snowboard.. okay okay.. I actually fell down the mountain but it was still incredible. I really like the attitude in Maine and I am proud to say I am NOT from Massachusetts. haha One day I'll be a down-easter too.

I pretty much stumbled upon this blog trying to learn more about Maine. This is a BIG deal what you guys are voting on, holy cow. I'm very excited to hear the conclusion :-)

Annie said...


John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Annie, we are waiting to exhale with Maine. Looks like NH beat them to the punch and will become the 5th state to have full marriage equality.


Annie said...

Sweet!! Thanks, John. This is still great news :-D

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Annie, make sure you read this one, it shows what happened on my visit in case you missed it.