Monday, April 27, 2009

Iowa Gay Marriages Begin


Same-sex couples are applying for marriage licenses in Iowa today, after the Supreme Court's historic decision to legalize gay marriage.

Watch: Recorders Begin Issuing Same-Sex Licences

At least 15 couples were waiting in line at the Polk County Administration Building in downtown Des Moines along with supporters and members of the local and national media.
Some were in line at the facility as early as 6:00 a.m.

Same-sex weddings could take place Monday if couples can secure waivers from judges that let them bypass Iowa's three-day waiting period. KCCI News is following one couple attempting to do just that. We'll hear their story later today on and NewsChannel8.

At least one pro-gay marriage group is counting on those waivers and has announced its members will hand out bouquets to newly married couples in five of Iowa's larger cities.

For same-sex couples this is a day they waiting for, some want to celebrate what they call a victory by being among the first in the state to get a license.

Iowa Family Policy Center President Chuck Hurley is also at the County Administration Building. He is delivering petitions urging the County Recorder not to honor same-sex marriage applications.

Iowa becomes the third state offering same-sex marriage behind Massachusetts and Connecticut. Vermont has passed a law that will take effect in September.

Some details:

Marriage requirements in Iowa remain the same, with the exception that the ban on same-sex marriage has been eliminated:

Two people, over 18.
Not already legally married.
Not closely related.
Legally competent to enter into a civil contract.

For the rest of the story click over to at the link provided above. Iowa may be one of our least populated states but they seem to have big hearts and the courage to stand up to discrimination when it is needed. Thank you once again Iowa, you rock!


jelly said...

That is just simply fantastic and totally makes my day to know that there are same sex couples getting ready to tie the knot!!

By any chance do you have any information on the state of NJ and what little old Jelly can do to help maybe push this state along any quicker?

Thanks John.
And congrats to Iowa!!!

John said...

All I know about New Jersey is that the legilature might vote on it during this session.

I hope John or Mike have more information,

Kim Schultz said...

It is so wonderful to see Iowa liberalized here. Not far from where I live which is nice to know a nearby state is taking part in such change. I'll be looking forward to more news on the first marriages to take place in the state of Iowa real soon.

Anonymous said...

I've read about so many wonderful people applying for their license and those getting waivers. I'm so excited for them - and happy too!! So much to celebrate !

Also hoping to hear soon from the CA supreme court about the day of decision. Events are planned. Going to a townhall meeting this week.

jelly said...

Thanks John.

If anyone has any information on the state of NJ, please let me know.