Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Finding the Truth in the "Cross Stomping Incident" Prop. 8 Rally

Here's some information to consider when you are watching and viewing the cross-stomping protestors that was once held by this 69 year old woman:

Phyllis Burgess is well known by the media to be an anti-gay activist.

"But it turns out that Burgess is somewhat of a professional rabble-rouser and has disrupted at least several other LGBT events, including Palm Springs Gay Pride. Burgess even showed up to protest at the White Party, a giant circuit party held every spring."

"If you study the video from KESQ, you’ll see Ms Burgess emerge, not from the sidelines, but directly through the middle of the crowd. You’ll also note that the news anchor recognizes Burgess, because this is not Burgess’ first visit to an anti-Prop-8 event."-joemygod

One question I have for the audience; if this woman did not come there to deliberately try and video some sort of disruption she causes then why was the cross she had made out of paper mache? Seems that would look good if she could get in front of the cameras and provoke the audience, huh? I notice there is no mention of these "christian" sources about her knocking a disabled man to the ground when elbowing her way directly through all those protestors in order to get on camera. THAT'S what these men were so pissed off about, not her cross. That coupled with the fact that she was recognized as a woman who regularly shows at pro-equality rallies to counter protest.

Several days later, new cross in hand, she again appeared, this time at the Palm Springs Village Fest, telling the press, "I have a right to be here. It's not to antagonize, but it exposes where the hatred is."

Here is a link to her page. This says it all about this "innocent" protestor. Here is a blurb in her own words:

"Ginny Foat, Mayor pro tem has compared me to the Phelps family at the Mathew Shephard funeral."

I wonder why? ;)

I learned a new expression from her, it's called "Crowd Baiting". This is an old tactic where one whips the opposition into a froth and document that reaction as seeming inappropriate when in fact they are the aggressors rather than the victim. Clearly she pushed her way through the middle of that crowd, we can see so on the video. She claims she did not push anyone, yet how did she get through that entire crowd to be at the front if they did not allow her to pass? It seems more logical to think they allowed her to pass until she committed the act that drew their ire. It's a pity we did not have a comment from the handicapped man, that's one thing I am searching for now. However, here is an eyewitness report on the facts just before the video caught her in view:.

"At City Hall a woman with a huge styrofoam cross appeared screaming about YES on 8 at the back of the crowd of NO on 8 supporters — their rally. She wanted to get to where the speakers were up front and I saw her knock a disabled man, a NO on 8 supporter to the ground, screaming, “Get out of my way!"

Here's what REAL violence looks like, and you guessed it, it was Prop. 8 supporters who were responsible:

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