Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did Paterson Cave ?

What in the hell is going on in New York ?

According to today's Newsday:

ALBANY - Gov. David A. Paterson, in an apparent reversal, said Wednesday he would go along with a plan by State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith not to put a same-sex marriage bill to a vote without knowing it would pass."On this particular bill, there are a lot of other issues related to it," Paterson told reporters. "Senator Smith knows the inertia of the Senate better than anyone else . . . I'll stick with his final judgment."In unveiling gay-marriage legislation last week, however, Paterson suggested it should be put to an up-or-down vote regardless of its prospects of passage so that senators' positions would be known. He said the issue deserved to be debated on the Senate floor".

I don't understand the concept that you cannot bring up a measure until you are sure it will win.

Minds can be changed on the floor, and the GOP has already anounced it will not whip its membership.

Can any politically savvy reader explain this to me?


pngwnz said...

I am one of your readers but I am not politically savvy and I cannot explain it.

I DO share in your dismay !

jelly said...

It is a bummer and I was I could explain it to you, but politics is not my forte. Sorry!