Friday, April 10, 2009

Bathroom Propaganda Seems Last Act of Desperation for MFI's Call Against Trangender Rights

Ethan St. Pierre is a transgender citizen who would be forced to use the ladies bathroom according to MFI's twisted logic. Does this make any sense to you?

Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) has re-branded itself as the “Coalition of Marriage and Family”, but in reality it is the same people, entity, and goals; the religious subjugation of GLBT people. The re-branding of their name seems to be done to distance themselves from either their past failures and/or the shame their actions bring. Here is a verbatim quote from their website:

“MFI does not consider homosexual behavior to be merely an alternate lifestyle or sexual "preference"; it is an unhealthy practice and destructive to individuals, families and society.”

These are the same people that in 2005 tried to put an amendment to our state constitution on the ballot by bringing in outside of the state mercenaries who stole citizen’s signatures. Kris Mineau led that failed campaign. Under his leadership MFI was responsible for handing out “Wanted: Dead or Alive” style posters of lawmakers that opposed their amendment in December 2006.

Now they want to trick lawmakers into believing that the Transgender Rights bill (HB 1728) will “…put vulnerable women and children at risk and infringe upon everyone’s right to privacy” “…while giving special protections to cross-dressers and transvestites”.

Transgender (not cross-dressers or transvestites) people feel deeply that they are born into the wrong sex. We should honor their struggle by allowing them to be recognized as the sex they assign themselves. Kris Mineau and his group want to scare you into voting against their rights without providing a compelling social interest founded in fact that negates this need.

Please don’t to listen to deliberate misrepresentations against our citizens; please question those accusations and check all facts for yourselves. To say that women and children would be at risk implies transgender people are criminals. There is no magical barrier created that prevents crime by denying transgender people the use of the proper public bathrooms of their assigned sex or by denying any other provision in HB 1728. Lawmakers of conscience should never create policy on unfounded hearsay fears rather than fact.

Please protect your transgender constituents from religious tyranny and send a message to groups like this around the world that it is time to move on from the disrespectful politics of division by voting in favor of HB 1728. Massachusetts is the “cradle of liberty”, if our elected representatives do not stand up for the equality of our most vulnerable citizens, who will?

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