Monday, April 13, 2009

Join the Impact MA Rallies GLBT for Boston Tea Party Reinactment

Your presence is requested:

"Join us on April 15th as we throw symbolic federal tax forms into Boston Harbor, in a lively 21st century recreation of a seminal 18th century blow for freedom and equality. History will come alive that Wednesday at 5:30 on Long Wharf, near the Aquarium T-stop. Present-day patriots are encouraged to attend and wear colonial period costume if so inclined to make a statement against antiquated social policy. … Today our federal government plays favorites by denying some families tax and other legal benefits others get in the same situation. The lash of discrimination is felt particularly hard in the land of Paul Revere and John and Sam Adams. Massachusetts has recognized same-sex marriages for five years, yet gay and lesbian taxpayers are hit with a surtax that married straights don’t pay if their employer’s health insurance covers their spouses."

Organizers promise: You'll have a gay old time.

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jelly said...

All the interesting stuff happens town is so dull and never has any cool events. (sigh)

John said...

That's one of the benefits of living in the Cradle of Liberty.

John said...

"a gay old time"

Now I have the Flintstone's theme song stuck in my head.

jelly said...

I want to have a 'gay old time' lol

Not in the Flintstones way though!

Yeah, you are fortunate to have some good GLBT events in your area, we have nothing. I live close to Philadelphia and we have Pride and Outfest and random events here and there.
You are in a good spot up there.