Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Good News From New Jersey

As of yet, I have no further information about when New Jersey's legislature will take up a marriage equality bill, except that it is likely that it will be this year.

But we have some good news to report:

TRENTON — A new poll finds New Jersey voters support allowing gay couples to marry.

The Quinnipiac University Poll results are similar to a Monmouth University poll in February.
This poll finds 49 percent supporting gay marriage; 43 percent are opposed.

Women and whites tend to favor a gay marriage law, while blacks, men and those who attend religious services weekly are more likely to oppose it.

New Jersey lawmakers are likely to consider a gay marriage bill later this year. The state now offers same-sex couples civil unions, which offer legal benefits but not the title of marriage.

The poll of 2,222 registered New Jersey voters was conducted from April 14-20 and has a sampling error margin of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points.

I'm feeling very optimistic, especially in light of this:

AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER) -- Recent polls have shown Maine voters almost evenly divided over the same sex marriage issue. That is not the case with the judiciary committee, as legislators endorsed the same sex marriage bill by a wide margin. [11-2]


jelly said...

Thank you for posting this John! This made my day...if I hear anything I will let you know and I appreciate if you let me know, if you hear anything else.

I'm very excited about this.
My wife and I would have to marry all over again, even if we are civil unioned, right?

John said...

"My wife and I would have to marry all over again, even if we are civil unioned, right?"

Not necessarily. The leglislature could write the law to automatcally convert civil unions to marriage, or they may not.

These are unsailed waters.

John said...

New Hamshires Senate "passed" an equality bill just now. I put that in quotes because I am not sure if it is a done deal. (they may need one more roll call).


The bill stipulates that civil unions are automatically upgraded to marriage.

jelly said...

Ah, I see, so it is possible I won't have to marry all over again. Depending on how the law is written.
I would have to apply for another certificate though? Since the one I have now says "civil union".

Knowing my wife, she'll want to get hitched all over again!! :-)

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Jelly, I asked around for you and the consensus is that your civil union will get a makeover and become civil marriage once this passes.

Congratulations! That's in order, right?